“They take you on a journey way down to the south of Italy, playing traditional music with straightforward and never overpowering arrangements that complement the trio’s well-matched, powerful, vocal harmonies.”

Songlines (UK)

“This is a great and memorable album, and makes me curious what experience this trio may give in live performances.”

Folkworld (DE)

“They go for their stornelli and pizzica with abandon and produce wonderful full-throated harmonies, making some well-known songs come to fresh life.

A very attractive overview of Southern Italian Folk Music.”

fRoots (UK)

“Questo disco può offrire momenti interminabili di estasi, emozioni vere, oltre naturalmente a sollecitare gli arti inferiori per scatenate danze.”

Lineatrad (IT)

“Un album remplit de fêtes, de charme et de sensualité féminine à écouter en boucle au cœur de l’hiver”

TRADmagazine (FR)