About us

le-tre-sorelle-bioOur name is  “Le Tre Sorelle” (The three sisters), actually two cousins and a good friend sharing the same love for traditional music of South Italy.
We started playing for fun during parties and dinners in the family, getting more and more passionate to the folk genre. In 2012 we started to get serious: since then we have played on many stages and festivals both in Italy and abroad.

Our trio’s speciality is singing polyphonic chants, a cappella or accompanied by traditional musical instruments, such as frame drums, diatonic and piano accordions, lyra, battente guitar, violin and minor percussions.

The music we play is the result of an ongoing study, made possible by the publications on the field, but mainly by the encounter with players and researchers we luckily get to meet on our journey.

What we really want to share with you is our love for this wonderful music genre, moving you with slow and heartfelt pieces, as well as making you dance to the rhythm of pizzica pizzica and tarantellas, letting you experience the same genuine passion we feel while playing.

Alessia Cravero: voice, piano accordion, diatonic accordion, battente guitar, calabrian lyra, violin, frame drums
Giulia Provenzano: voice, battente guitar, cane flutes, frame drums, percussions
Valeria Quarta: voice, frame drums, percussions