About us

le-tre-sorelle-bioOur name is  “Le Tre Sorelle”, “The Three Sisters”, just like a famous song of which every Italian region has its own version.

We are two cousins and a great friend, who begun playing and singing together for fun at family events. A lot has happened since then: we have been active for more than 10 years, now, playing both in Italy and abroad.

No matter the location, whether it be on big festivals or on smaller stages, our passion for what we love the most never changes: and that is playing traditional music from the south of Italy, a music genre whose roots reach back to faraway times.

Our trio’s speciality is singing polyphonic chants, a cappella or accompanied by traditional handcrafted instruments, such as frame drums, diatonic and piano accordions, lyra from Calabria, battente guitar, violin, cane flutes and minor percussions. All of these instruments give an authentic and unique sound to our repertoire, both on dance tunes like tarantella and pizzica pizzica and on slower, heartfelt songs.

Every concert turns into a precious experience: not only for the songs played, but mostly for the connection with the audience. A connection made of stories, sounds and sheer emotions that makes every performance unique.


Alessia Cravero: voice, piano accordion, diatonic accordion, battente guitar, calabrian lyra, violin, frame drums
Giulia Provenzano: voice, battente guitar, cane flutes, frame drums, percussions
Valeria Quarta: voice, frame drums, percussions